Murder in Between

Murder In Between, Miriam Nesset

"Gaylan Morray's imposing tactics, including but not limited to murder, occupied all his time and attention in their division. It never occurred to him he was ruling a miniscule kingdom. Though perhaps not a textbook psychopathic personality, he was certainly amoral, manipulating people and the law to his own devices without shame or remorse."

Small towns, unique in character to cities, are seen as pristine places in which to live but not all are idyll. The town of Between is firmly held in the grasp of the ruthless bank president, striking fear or worse into any who oppose him. Most citizens of the town, having surrendered their autonomy to him, forfeiting power and property, sometimes life or limb, have become apathetic, giving free reign to his dominance. Not so complacent are Curtis and Phoebe Higgins who challenge Morray, struggling against his relentless oppression to maintain their livelihood and retain control of their farm.

"It's been a while since I've read a book with as nasty a character as Gaylon Morray. His methods make most bankers seem nice by comparison. The novel was intriguing, interesting and full of colorful characters. A good read."
- Stephanie R.

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