About the Author

Murder In Between, Miriam Nesset

The author, Miriam Nesset, has been writing since the age of eighteen. She is a Ragdale Fellow. Her books include two children's books, Georgie Blake and the Bushie Sisters, and Captured. Her adult novels include: Sea Smoke, Murder in Between, Dream Legend: Facing the Condor, and Left of the Moon. Additionally, she has written a book of Haiku poetry and a book of old sayings, Adages, and one of her Haiku poems has been published. Her essay, Altruism is Dead, will be published in Goose River Anthology this fall. A second Georgie Blake book (in the series of 3) will be out in the spring of 2018, Georgie Blake Meets Mrs. Blueberry. Works in progress include: a screen play entitled The Pizza Ladies, a children's picture book The Calico Cat, a young adult novel Justine Maplewood, and a love story If I Was a Carpenter.

Miriam currently lives in Maine, making occasional trips to London where her daughter lives. She is originally from Wisconsin and received her Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1985. Following graduation, she initiated redevelopment programs in Indiana and Virginia then worked as an urban planning consultant for several years in Florida. In 1999 she moved back to Wisconsin where she owned and operated an antiques shop for five years. In 2005 she sold her business and bought a farm house in rural Georgia. There she had space at a designer mall, sold pecans from her trees and otherwise devoted her time to writing. Answering a life-long desire to live in New England or Nova Scotia, in 2009 she moved to Maine where she continues to write, inspired by its scenic beauty and the smell of the ocean.

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