Dream Legend

Facing the Condor
Dream Legend: Facing the Condor, Miriam Nesset

Dream Legend: Facing the Condor is Part I of a trilogy, Dream Legend. It is a novel of inspiration and encouragement; a raw, revealing account of a woman's effort to overcome a destructive eating disorder and the obstacles that have prevented her from living life to the fullest. The protagonist, Pamela Hastings is initially judgmental, very critical of herself and others, and not a person you can easily like. The reader goes along on the trek of a lifetime as she hikes the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in the Andes of Peru, nearly dying in the process. Her journey becomes a metaphor for her evolution in self-awareness. Dreams are her guidance throughout as she learns the importance of living in the present, adapting and responding, rather than reacting from a place of fear. Eventually she is able to look forward to an open-ended and fulfilling future, filled with promise.

"As a therapist, I feel Dream Legend: Facing the Condor is a manual for self-affirmation and could be helpful to people, encouraging them to strive for self-actualization; to see how dreams, especially those referred to as dreams of resolution, can be used as guidance or barometers of progress in resolving issues."

– James McGloin, PhD, University of Wisconsin

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