Left of the Moon

Left of the Moon, Miriam Nesset
Cover Art by Linda Windell

Left of the Moon is a love story. It is about a woman, retired, who moves from Florida to Maine in 1980 to focus on her writing. She knows no one and has never been to Maine. She buys a condominium in Yarmouth but soon, feeling alone and bored, questions making the move. Looking for an adventure, something to lift her spirits, and inspire her writing, she answers an ad in the newspaper asking for volunteers to crew on a tall ship in Rockland Harbor.

Callum Pyke captains the ship. She meets with him but decides she is not capable of crewing. When offered the opportunity of being the cook she reluctantly accepts. In the nearly five months she is on the ship, she and the captain fall in love. Their plans to sail together to Bermuda in the fall are thwarted when Meredith's mother becomes ill, is not expected to live, and needs her help. When the situation drags on preventing her from meeting Callum, at her encouragement he sails to Bermuda without her. Through circumstances beyond their control they lose touch. After her devastating loss, Meredith sells her condo and buys a house to rehabilitate on Georgetown Island. Thoughts of Callum are never far from her mind as she attempts to get her life back.

© Miriam Nesset. All rights reserved