Georgie Blake
and the Bushie Sisters

Georgie Blake and the Bushie Sisters, Miriam Nesset
Cover Art by Beth Bird

"Georgie Blake's real name was Martha Miller. More than anything she wanted a more interesting name and to be eight like her best friend Harriet Ann. And so, three months before her birthday, tired of waiting for this important milestone and with summer vacation approaching, she told her dad, Walter, that she was now eight, and wanted to be called Georgie Blake. Her dad humored her, thinking it was just a phase she was going through. He didn't know that all phases do not come to a natural end. Eventually he got so used to calling her Georgie Blake he forgot about her real, given name, until some occasion, like a teacher's conference or school concert, when they'd talk about Martha Miller or he'd see it in print and have to remind himself it was his daughter."

Georgie Blake and the Bushie Sisters is a glance back at a fifties childhood. While it is a middle grade children's book most will enjoy the antics of Georgie and her best friend Harriet Ann. The girls are quite precocious, getting into one mischievous scrape after another; often resolved with the assistance of the Bushie Sisters who live next door to Georgie and take care of her while her father works. Each chapter is a new adventure of fun and excitement.

"The writing is excellent, easy to follow and each chapter is filled with twists and turns in the adventures of Georgie Blake and her inseparable friend, Harriet Ann. I'm a child of the fifties and found it especially enjoyable to read as it called to mind my own childhood experiences. As a reading specialist I feel it is appropriate for middle grade readers but know adults would also enjoy reading it. The girls, independent, strong and capable, also serve as good role models. I highly recommend the book."
- Karen S.

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